Our Client Advocates:
  • Assess and identify the full range of family needs
  • Work with clients on an ongoing basis to assure needs are met
  • Provide supportive counsel to clients and families
  • Enhance quality of life by providing meaningful resources, information and compassionate assistance

Programs & Services

When people with cancer come to Cancer Services, they are connected to a Client Advocate. The Advocate interacts not only with the cancer patient, but with the entire family, as well.  He or she assesses and identifies the full-range of needs for each family, and works with each client on an ongoing basis to assure that those needs continue to be met.

Clients and their families benefit from:

  • Personalized supportive counseling
  • Therapeutic mental health counseling
  • Specialized programming for children with cancer (Kids Surviving Cancer)
  • Specialized programming for children affected by cancer (Courageous Kids)
  • Cognative rehabilitation for "chemo brain" (Clarity Project)
  • Professional financial consultation
  • Professional legal consultation
  • Sexual health education and counseling
  • Support communities
  • Financial assistance for cancer-related expenses
  • Advocacy with insurers and employers
  • Information and referrals
  • Resource library
  • Durable medical equipment loans
  • Home health care supplies
  • Nutrition consultations and education
  • Nutrition supplies
  • Educational workshops
  • Transportation assistance 
  • Massage
  • Exercise therapy, including yoga, tai chi and stretching
  • Wigs, hats and scarves

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