This group meets on the 2nd Thursday every month at 6:30 to 8PM.

My name is Debbie Schwaberow and I facilitate the Gynecological Cancer support group. In this group we offer emotional support to women with gynecological cancers. Some of the women are currently in treatment and others attend to share their stories of survivorship and offer support to others. Treatment side effects are openly discussed as survivors face the ongoing challenges of gynecological cancer. Group participants help each other in sharing current information on research and their own experiences with treatment and clinical trials. In recognition that any serious illness affects not just one person, but also their “system” of family and friends, we encourage participants to bring along their support person or caregiver to share the experience.

Attendees say:

“The group has helped me understand that no two stories are alike, but our feelings about having ovarian cancer can be the same.”   

“The ladies in the group are wonderful! Before I came to the group, I thought no one in the world could understand how I feel. Now I know that however I feel is OK and accepted.”

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