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CSNI Inspires New Wig Salon at The Gathering Place in Cleveland

By Dianne May, president & CEO

I often meet cancer survivors who have a passion to help those walking the cancer journey. They feel they have learned so much through their experience they can make someone else’s experience a little easier.

For Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana that passion to share information happens on a corporate level too. We often network with sister organizations to share ideas and find better ways to care for people with cancer on a community level. That’s why it was a real joy last fall to meet Regina Brett, a writer, cancer survivor and volunteer with The Gathering Place in Cleveland, Ohio.

Regina visited Cancer Services before speaking at our fall dinner. She said lots of nice things during her visit, but she was bowled over when she stepped into the wig salon. Tears welled up in her eyes as memories about her own experience came flooding back. Then her survivor passion kicked in. She decided before leaving Fort Wayne that she had to help her local organization create a wig salon.

They are well on their way to providing wigs for women with cancer in Cleveland. Read about her story here: The Gathering Place Launches Wig-Lending Program

Debra Brown Does it Again- Wig Drive for Cancer Clients

We would like to send our thanks to Debra Brown, from the Fort Wayne Urban League, for coordinating a wig drive to collect wigs for African Americans. Debra, with the help of many others, collected 60 wigs along with donations amounting to the purchase of 20 new wigs.

Just as women with breast cancer begin to lose their hair and possibly even their hope, Debra is there to step in and provide women with a good hair day and some self-confidence because of her initiative in collecting wigs for Cancer Services.

By donating a wig, you will aid in providing women who may not financially have the resources to obtain one free of charge. Wig donations are tax deductible.

If you are interested in donating or would like more information, contact Debra Brown of the Fort Wayne Urban League at (260) 745-3100 ext. 45 or call Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana at (260)484-9560.