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Important Dates in April

April will be a busy month, so make sure these dates are on your calendar:

  • Spirituality & End-of-Life Care, a free program for professionals, co-sponsored by Cancer Services & Dignity Memorial is April 13. Reservations by April 8. Brochure can be found at: www-new.cancer-services.org.70-32-85-134.fai2.net
  • Join us Tuesday, April 19 at 6PM for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma by Dr David Zimmerman. This free program and complimentary dinner requires reservations by Thursday April 15. Call 260-484-9560 or toll free 866-484-9560. Co-sponsored by Cancer Services and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
  • Tai Chi …this slow, relaxing exercise form will help you de-stress. Even those who are only able to exercise from a seated position will find success. Meets Wednesday, March 23, 5:30-6:30PM. (No class: March 30 & April 6). Class resumes Wednesday, April 13 and continues through the end of April.
  • re-Energize! Each Tuesday & Thursday from 6-7PM. Instructor Courtney’s enthusiasm is contagious. She will lead you in a fun exercise experience, no matter what your ability level.

Don’t forget that free half hour massages are available for clients and caregivers. Call Cancer Services at 260-484-9560 or toll free 866-484-9560 for your appointment.

Tai Chi Extended

It’s NOT too late to join Tai Chi! Due to the severe weather we’ve had the past few weeks, we will extend class through February.

If you have not tried this slow, deliberate, body movement and breathing class, you may still join us. Tai Chi really helps to de-stress your life and helps diminish pain. It keeps you active without exhausting you.

Meets Wednesdays, 5:30PM-6:30PM

Healing Arts Center

Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana

6316 Mutual Drive

Ft Wayne, IN 46825

If you plan to attend, please call 484-9560 or toll free 866-484-9560


A Tai Chi Experience

by Gail Hamm, program director

I just had to share an experience I had last week as I took part in our new Tai Chi class. I had an idea of what it would be like, but I did not anticipate that I would like it so much.

First, you have to know that I do not like to exercise. I get bored, as well as challenged by shortness of breath. What I found was that I could actually follow the instructor, Susan Swardenski, and do the moves she demonstrated. They are soft and slow and designed to not strain the body. I did know I was getting a workout, however, because I had to remove my jacket when I became too warm. And breathing deeply at times caused a bit of lightheadedness. My body was probably shocked that it was finally getting the oxygen it needed!

Susan explained that Tai Chi is rooted in the martial arts. The moves are designed to keep the body balanced and promote increased body awareness by engaging the mind as well as the body. It’s not like other exercise I am familiar with, in that it is not about building muscle mass. It’s about promoting better health through movement, no matter what your abilities may be. It tends to decrease tension and can increase one’s ability to manage fatigue and pain.

There were 14 of us….. people with cancer, caregivers, and staff. Only a few had previously been in a Tai Chi class. We were of all ages and our abilities varied considerably…from people who moved fairly easily to those who chose to do all the exercises in a seated position.

I can’t wait for the next session of Tai Chi. By participating in this class, I hope to gain better balance, an increased lung capacity, and overall better health. Now it’s time to practice the home work we were given last week: …breathe slowly…in….and …. out …..in….and….out….in….and….out…..

Program Announcements

We are constantly looking for better ways to meet the needs of our clients and caregivers. Whether you are looking for a group of people with whom to share your cancer and treatment concerns and ask questions, or whether you have been told to exercise and are looking for a program that is helpful but not strenuous, check out what we have to offer.

Also, remember that hours are expanding starting January 10: open Mondays from 9:00AM until 7:00PM. Tuesday-Friday open from 9:00AM until 5:00PM.

Examples of new and revised programs for 2011:

  • Tai Chi ..a 6 weeks movement program…. helps with relaxation and pain management. Starts Wednesday, January 5 at 5:30PM. Call to reserve your spot. Susan Swardenski facilitates.
  • re-Energize! …an exercise program for people of any ability…restarts Tuesday February 1 and meets every Tue & Thursday at 6:00PM. Courtney Berger facilitates.
  • The Whipple Group is changing its name to Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Bile Duct Cancer Support Group. The name better describes who the group is for and expands the number of people eligible. Whipple is the name of a surgical technique often used with these types of cancers, but not everyone with one of these diagnoses actually undergoes the Whipple procedure. Meets 3rd Wednesday at 6:30PM. Amy Solaro-Geraghty facilitates.
  • Reminder of a general cancer support group: Turning Points. Meets 2nd Tuesday monthly at 5:30PM. Peter Albertson facilitates.
  • Caring Touch massage program. Call to schedule an appointment.

All the above groups meet in the Healing Arts Center of Cancer Services, 6316 Mutual Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825.

  • The South Side Group …a NEW general cancer support group…for those people with any kind of cancer ( and their caregivers) who are looking for a support group on the south side of town. Meets at Lutheran Life Villages, 6701 S Anthony Blvd., entrance under the portico. Meets 3rd Wednesday each month, 6:30PM-8:00PM starting January 19. Helen Claire Ferguson facilitates.

Some of our cancer-specific support groups have disbanded, so we encourage individuals interested in attending a support group to try one of our general cancer support groups.

Please call Gail Hamm at 484-9560 or 866-484-9560 if you have any questions about these or other programs offered by Cancer Services or if there are other programs you would like Cancer Services to offer.

Now Offering Tai Chi

Beginning Wednesday, January 5, Cancer Services will offer Tai Chi classes for our clients and caregivers.

What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is an ancient form of exercise composed of graceful, flowing movements. Participants work from a standing or seated position. There is no floor work required.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

Promotes relaxation and inner calm

Increases strength

Helps manage pain and stress

Improves breathing, balance and sleep quality

Join us for Tai Chi each Wednesday for 6 weeks from January 5 through February 9, 2011, 5:30PM-6:30PM.

Class size is limited…please call for reservations: 484-9560 or 866-484-9560.

Cancer Services

Healing Arts Center

6316 Mutual Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46825