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Touch, Caring & Cancer- massage training

We will host licensed massage instructor Lori Schlatter on Saturday, April 28, for Touch Caring and Cancer, a program that teaches participants simple massage techniques to help those with cancer in their lives. The session is $25 per participant- cancer patient or survivor. Bring a caregiver to the training free of charge.

This is a chance to practice touch techniques with an instructor nearby. Previous participants have said:

  • Great course…enjoyable, informative and helpful.
  • I feel more confident in helping my wife feel better.
  • We love it so much! It has drawn us closer.
  • We enjoy coming in for massage, but now we can actually do massage ourselves.
  • We hold hands more; we even talk a little more.

When: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 10:30 a.m.-noon

Where: Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, Healing Arts Center, 6316 Mutual Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

For reservations call 260-484-9560 or toll free 866-484-9560

Caring Touch – more than just massage, a volunteer’s perspective

A few weeks ago, our building was bustling with certified massage therapists receiving training for our Caring Touch massage program. The Caring Touch program provides complimentary massages to our clients and primary caregivers and is powered by certified massage therapists with special training who volunteer their time with us. We launched the program in mid 2010, and since then have watched our clients and massage therapists bond over the experience and the healing power of touch.

Here’s what one massage therapist had to say about the experience during training:

“I was very touched by everyone today and was almost brought to tears knowing how much I was able to do for them today. I could tell that my first client was very nervous about the massage. She said she had had one before but didn’t really like it, but after today she seemed to be looking forward to another one and her husband couldn’t stop thanking me for helping her relax, saying how much of a difference he saw from before and then after. And with another client, just knowing that he was able to relax and kind of escape from the world of doctors, needles, and pain even just for 45 minutes made me smile. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with such amazing people. It meant a lot to me knowing that I could be there for them, especially after finding out that my cousin’s wife lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this week. Thank you for everything that you do for everyone there.”