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Regina’s Life Lesson # 48: If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

In just under a month, we will have the opportunity to welcome guest speaker Regina Brett to the Annual Tribute Dinner on October 13, as she shares her 50 life lessons to navigate life’s detours.

As an outreach coordinator for Cancer Services, Linda Bewley advises us to be assertive and ask for support without being afraid of the answer, ‘no’.

“Working in the non-profit world is a lesson in itself. I used to be very uncomfortable asking for things— What if it makes people mad? What if they say no? How do I respond? Once I started working at CSNI and saw all the good it did for people with cancer, I became emboldened. This is a non-profit organization, it relies on the kindness and largess of others, so my job became twofold. First, I needed to educate people on what goes on here and all the good that we do, and secondly, to ask for support. I quickly learned that many people are waiting to be asked! Who knew?? We are always looking for volunteers to help with a myriad of things, donations to our fund-raising auction, tickets to our tribute dinner, walkers at our annual Lapper walk, organizing third party fundraisers, the list goes on and on. And even if they did say no, I came away with the knowledge that now they were at least aware of CSNI and it’s mission. So, go ahead and ask, you’d be surprised at how many times you get.” ~Linda Bewley, Outreach Coordinator

Regina’s Life Lesson #16: Enough with the Pity Party…Start Living

Between now and October 13, our employees, volunteers and clients will share some of their thoughts and reflections on Regina Brett’s life lessons. Today, board member Gayle Bloom and staff member Linda Bewley share their thoughts on “throwing pity parties to the curb and finding the joys in life.”

Board member Gayle Bloom

“After being diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, my oncologist said something very interesting that became my life position… she said ‘live your life.’ That was her answer when I asked ‘why me?’ She also said to live with fear and anxiety each day would be to ‘not live your life.’

It was some of the best advice I was given. The journey was much more palatable with this positive life lesson.”

~ Gayle Bloom, board member

From right to left: Laura and Linda Bewley

“After receiving a cancer diagnosis, I must admit I spent some time having a pity party — why me? I try to do everything right! My husband and I have little kids to raise! I haven’t done all I wanted to do yet!! Then, one day, as I was sitting watching my children laughing and playing, two important things hit me: first, this attitude was causing me to miss out on the joys of living, and second, I certainly wasn’t ready to get busy dying.”

~ Linda Bewley, 20 year survivor and staff member