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Thank You Columbia City High School Eagle Wrestlers & Coaches

by Linda Bewley, outreach coordinator

Columbia City H.S. Eagles Wrestlers & Managers

I’m always having new experiences and meeting people who have a heart to help others! On November 20, and again on January 16, I attended Columbia City High School Wrestling meets. The team decided to wrestle for a cause with proceeds being given to our organization. Everyone on the team, as well as coaches and managers, chose a cancer to represent and wore a shirt at both meets designating their choice. Between November 20 and January 16, a silent auction was held for these shirts, as well as several other fundraising activities.

I was at both meets with our cancer ribbons, and once again people were amazed at the variety of cancers represented. On January 16th I was honored to be able to thank the team and all the supporters in the stands for their generosity. A total of $730 was donated ! Thank you Columbia City High School Eagle Wrestlers!!

Thanks to our Ribbon Crafters

At Cancer Services, with the help of our volunteers, we are able to create and share a series of colored ribbons that represent all of the different kinds of cancer. Cancer survivors and their family members across the region receive these ribbons at our events to signify the community support that is available to them through others who understand the cancer journey.

The ribbons generate a sense of kinship for clients to understand that they are not alone. Through Cancer Services and the community’s support, people fighting cancer are able to experience hope and compassion from their friends and neighbors.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who help to make this possible. With each and every one of our ribbon crafters, we are able to create an over-arching awareness for cancer along with providing a significant support community.