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Beat BC 5K

On Saturday, October 16, 264 people participated in the 7th annual Beat BC 5K race to benefit Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana. Race results are available at online race results. Jerrod Leatherman won the 5K men’s race with a time of 18:42 minutes. Emily Weber won the 5K women’s race with a time of 20:09 minutes. Brian Guthrie won the men’s 5K walk with a time of 39:13 minutes. For more information, visit

Pigeon or Statue?

by Gail Hamm, program director

Support Groups are great places to share information and support your fellow cancer sojourners. One night, Tom shared with the group that we could choose to be the pigeon or the statue. He wasn’t talking about the merits of flying versus being rock solid. He was talking about our choice to be either the victor or the victim.

There are certainly lots of times during cancer and the treatments when we may feel put upon. But the only way to survive is to fly like a pigeon. To be alive. To make choices. To not become the statue that all the pigeons roost upon.

Which is it for you? Will you be the pigeon or the statue?

The Pink Glove Dance at IU Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center

Employees, patients and others from the IU Simon Cancer Center, the IU schools of medicine and nursing, and Clarian Health are featured in an exclusive IU Simon Cancer Center Pink Glove Dance. Producers from the Medline Industries Inc., the makers of the pink gloves, visited the IU Simon Cancer Center last spring, capturing the enthusiasm and energy of many who support breast cancer patients in their health care journey.

The original Pink Glove Dance video premiered last November, featuring 200 Portland, OR, hospital workers wearing pink gloves and dancing in support of breast cancer awareness and prevention. This year’s Pink Glove Dance: The Sequel premiered September 17 and included 4,000 healthcare workers and breast cancer survivors nationally. The videos have more than 11 million views on YouTube and are spawning and endless number of pink glove dance videos and breast cancer awareness events across the country.

For more information, visit

Pink Week at Bishop Luers

For the 3rd year, the Bishop Luers volleyball team has raised money and awareness for Cancer Services during their game against Snider’s volleyball team. And new for this year, all of Luers’ fall sports teams got in on the action. Boys Soccer and Football, Girls Dance and Soccer, the coaches and even fans, donned pink socks, hats and body paint in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.

It Happened Again

by Dianne May, president & CEO

It happened again. A woman came in yesterday to learn about Cancer Services. She lost her husband a little over two years ago and she is working to make peace with their cancer journey and what has become the new normal in her life.

As our outreach coordinator, Linda, showed her around the building and explained the help and support that is available, a small tear rolled down her cheek. She said no one told them about Cancer Services when they needed it. She saw the warehouse and remembered the precious time she spent finding and figuring out what kind of equipment she needed to make him comfortable at home. She lamented that she didn’t have someone to talk with; someone to whom she could pour out all the emotions swirling inside her. She asked aloud why no one told them about Cancer Services.

There are lots of explanations. Sometimes the focus is on a search for treatment options and clinical trials. Sometimes, people assume if the family has good medical insurance that will take care of everything. Sometimes it simply gets lost in all the information that patients and caregivers receive.

The next time you learn that someone you know has cancer, make it a point to tell them about Cancer Services. They may already know about the help available, but they might not. Be patient and explain the basics. Make sure that they know you’re not talking about a hospital or treatment center. Let them know that there is something for everyone. It’s not about money—how much you have or don’t have. Cancer Services is here because caring people in our community understand what it means to have cancer and they want to help. Compassion, knowledge and support, it’s what Cancer Services does and you can help by telling people where to find it.

Gail Hamm, Program Director, Earns New Certification

Gail Hamm, program director for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, has been certified by the Board of Oncology Social Work Certification. This process required extensive documentation of education, training, professional affiliations, community, and professional involvement, and day-to-day work responsibilities with oncology patients. This prestigious qualification is held by only three other individuals in the state of Indiana. Hamm is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of social work experience in hospital, hospice and palliative care, community social services and grief and loss.

Dianne May, President and CEO, says, “This certification is one more example of Cancer Services’ commitment to high quality programs and services for all people with cancer in our region.”

Luers and Snider Volleyball Teams Play to Support Cancer Services

At last night’s match up between Bishop Luers and Snider High Schools volleyball teams, students raised money for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana by selling pink t-shirts and hosting a raffle. Cancer Services staff members Kathy Ryan and Linda Bewley attended the game. We’d like to thank the schools and the teams for their support and the following sponsors: Physicians Health Plan, Crumback-Symons Chevrolet, Indiana Physical Therapy, Vera Bradley, American Sealants, Biomet Heartland, Buffalo Wings & Ribs, Carson Boxberger Attorneys, Design Collaborative, Flowers of Canterbury, The Law Offics of Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, Old National Insurance, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, Ortho Northeast, Performance Plus Volleyball, and Tiffany Nails.

Sharing Ideas Across the USA

by Gail Hamm, program director

Dianne and I just returned from a CANSA conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. CANSA is a loosely knit organization of local, not-for-profit cancer service agencies from across the country. Some were formed in the 1940’s, as was Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana (1944), and others are relatively young (5 years or less). Some of these are 1-person volunteer agencies and others are larger with paid staff.

This group tries to gather yearly to share ideas and provide encouragement for each other. Much mentoring occurs at these gatherings, as does idea gathering for programs, and of course, a bit of fun. The ideas shared by sister agencies often show up as new programs or new ways to evaluate programs. Many cancer clients and their families across the country are benefitting from our meetings, phone calls and emails between conferences.

You can find a local cancer service agency by checking with your county United Way, a hospital or hospice social worker, or by calling me at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana. We have a list of many agencies like ours across the country, but are constantly looking for more of them.

No matter what community you live in, be sure to share your time, talents and financial resources with your local cancer service organization. What a difference we all make!

East Noble and Eastside High Schools Volley for a Cure

On September 14, the East Noble and Eastside Volleyball teams held a special event during their volleyball match called Volley for a Cure. The two teams hosted the event to raise money for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.

In the words of the team captains, Lauren Fulk and Megan Strock, “The night was about more than a volleyball match. It was about taking the idea of teamwork to the next level. Two communities, working together for one common goal; to raise money to help their friends and neighbors who are in need of assistance from Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana. By everyone giving a little, together we made a big difference for someone. So no matter what the outcome of the match, in our ‘playbook’ everyone here is a winner!”

The teams raised over $2900 for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.

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