Month: June 2011

A Compassionate Army of Volunteers

Cancer Services mailing volunteers

Cancer Services would like to thank all of the individuals who volunteer their time to help us with our mailing projects. Yesterday, we began another distribution of our newsletter and more than 30 volunteers dedicated time to come and assist us with our mailing project.
Some of these volunteers are currently clients or have been touched by what we do here at Cancer Services. These individuals have a passion for volunteering and give back generously to their community. Besides helping with the newsletter distributions, these volunteers also help with mailing appeal letters, invitations to special events, client calendars and postcards.

Without these willing individuals, we would not be able to accomplish our mission to reach those in our community with cancer. What would most likely take days to finish without volunteers, takes about a day to a day and a half to finish for this army of volunteers.

“These volunteers are a joy to work with,” said Cancer Services volunteer coordinator, Cheryl Dafforn. “They come in and they’re happy. We have a good time. It’s a great time for the volunteers because they get to socialize and catch up with other volunteers who they haven’t seen in awhile.”

We would like to thank the following people for sacrificing their time to help us with this large mailing project: Patty Coats, Dorothy Stephanoff, Rose Pyle, Jane Green, Beth Damiano, Jenny Blauvelt, Janet Elsea, Sandy Drees, Vickie Lewis, Nancy Galuoppo, Carol Bordner, Clancy Neuhaus, Richard Laesch, Barb Servos, Katie Froebe, Betty Wynn, Connie Viterisi, Ina Mey Bice, Judith Forker, Diane Knueve, D.F. Brannon, Floyd Becker, Geri Becker, Pat Kramer, Liz Niday, David Singleton, Linda Balthaser, Tracy Rau and Kevin Dimke.

The Re-start of re-Energize!

by Gail Hamm, program director

re-Energize facilitator Courtney Berger leads CSNI clients through a gently work out routine

Next week, Tuesday and Thursday, July 5 & 7, marks the re-start of re-Energize! Cancer Services has been fortunate for part of this past year to have had a student intern/exercise science major from Huntington University. Courtney Berger developed and facilitated re-Energize! for clients and their families. During her senior year, her class schedule made it difficult for Courtney to continue this program. Now that she has graduated, Courtney is back!

Courtney is excited about seeing her former group members and looks forward to meeting new members. The re-Energize! Program is for those clients (and their families) who need to be up and moving their muscles, but who are not looking for an intensive workout. The sessions are structured in a way that allows for differences in ability, strength and endurance. No matter what your ability, you will be able to benefit from the exercises.

Come join Courtney at 5:30pm, July 5 & 7 and every Tuesday and Thursday at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana,6316 Mutual Drive,Fort Wayne,IN46825. You’ll be glad you did!

Annual Tribute Dinner- Save the Date 10/13/11

Each year, Cancer Services host its Tribute Dinner, which is an evening designed to provide our community an opportunity to pause, treasure the memories of people who have been touched by cancer, and pay tribute to them, whether a cancer survivor, caregiver, physician or lost loved one. Please mark your calendars for our annual Tribute Dinner, which will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2011. This year’s theme is “Navigating Life’s Detours” and includes a chance to share memories with family and friends, and enjoy a nice dinner and entertainment.

We are pleased to welcome Regina Brett as this year’s speaker. Regina is a columnist for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, OH; author of “God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours;” and breast cancer survivor. Her book is an inspirational collection of essays and stories about the lessons life taught her along the detours of life. She was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist twice, in 2009 and 2008 for columns she wrote for The Plain Dealer.

For more information, contact Amber Recker at (260) 484-9560 or

Thank You Eagles Auxiliary

Barbara Lemon and JoEllen Hueber co-chaired a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser in honor of Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana on March 12, 2011. The two women are current members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary 1906 of Columbia City, Ind. Several of the women from the Auxiliary are widows and wives of husbands who survived cancer and received assistance from CSNI.

In all, the Eagles Auxiliary 1906 of Columbia City, Ind. donated $600 to CSNI and voted to continue donating to CSNI. CSNI would like to thank these ladies for their thoughtful contribution and support of the CSNI mission.

Amber Recker, CSNI development director, receives donation from Eagles Auxillary 1906 of Columbia City, Ind.

One Random Act of Kindness, Huge Impact

by Gail Hamm, program director

Random acts of kindness are just that- random, arbitrary, subject to chance; as well as benevolent, kind, and caring. It’s a stretch to say that cancer is a random act of kindness, but I suppose that argument could be made. Chance? Luck of the draw? Yes, chance may play a part in whether or not you get cancer. Kindness? Certainly a diagnosis of cancer captures our attention, and cancer may cause us to appreciate life all the more, but I believe that few would say that cancer is kind.

Yet people with cancer may use the experience to make a difference in someone else’s life. I want to share a secret with you. There is an Anonymous Donor (I’ll call AD) in our midst. This person is a client of Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana. Every time AD comes in and obtains a case of nutritional drink, AD purchases a case for the next person who cannot afford to buy their own.

It’s a great surprise to that next client, to find out that just by chance, a stranger has provided for them. It makes a difference to that second client and brightens their day. I’m sure it does the same for AD, too. One random act of kindness. Two people blessed.

Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Seidel

Bill Seidel facilitates the “Us Too” Prostate Cancer Support Group, as well as the Advanced Prostate Cancer Discussion Group at Cancer Services. During their regular meetings, he spends countless hours providing encouragement and support to hundreds of men with prostate cancer. As part of his work with the support groups, Bill recognized the need for a caregivers’ support group for spouses and partners of men with prostate cancer. He and his wife, Laine, initiated this group in March of 2009. He also networks at a national level with prostate cancer research and support groups and stays informed about the latest research and advocacy issues, bringing that insight back to Cancer Services to help his support group attendees.